Romano Johnson

Wavy Blue Singer

When I was a young kid in Chicago, I would draw 'cause I love it and I was good at it. It's what I like to do.

I like to draw cars, car parts, faces, hair, clothes. And when I draw and paint I'm always working for better ideas; blending colors, adding glitter, coming up with patterns.

I want people to see that this is what I love doing, and what I always wanted to do. I want people to look at my paintings  and drawings and say, "Wow!"

Iā€™m a good person inside. I love to go to church and I love to pray to God for everybody in the world and my family and the staff that works with me. I listen to gospel, jazz, and a little bit of hip-hop and old school songs like Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. The gospel songs sometimes inspire me.

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