Cara Swedeen

I like jewelry and I like to meet all the colorful people at sales. I have fun selling at shows and conferences. Lanyards are my favorite thing to make and a lot of people I know wear them. Nine years ago I started making jewelry with my sister, Amelia. I also love art and I like drawing. I love working with my ArtWorking team because we make fun stuff together. They make me happy. I like helping out other people at ArtWorking.

When I'm not at work, I like talking to my sister, taking walks with my mom at Picnic Point, cooking, shopping, and relaxing. I love listening to music and Guster is my favorite band. I like hanging out with friends during the week and getting dinner. I love my apartment; it is the best. I live with my roommate, Ben. We have been buds for a long time. I like cleaning, doing dishes, putting things away and being on my own.

I am happy and proud of my business. I hope people feel happy, fun, and funky when they wear my jewelry.

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