Briana Richardson

Briana’s Bright Meditation

I started doing art, drawing and painting when I was eight. I thought it was a time passer and it helped me deal with my mom’s serious and eventually fatal illness. After my mom died I moved to Stoughton and continued with my art but thought of art only as a way to keep me occupied. I started going to church and one of the things I learned was that God can do what we can’t. I thought I was drawing and painting nature for my mom. Now I’m thinking that she is not the only person I am doing art for. Through my prayers I have learned that God wants me to use his beauty and his art for everyone. When I am writing and painting I experience God’s love and His beautiful creation, which is something I want people to explore when they look at what I do. Since God has filled his miraculous creation with fantastic colors in incredible varieties, I also use color in everything I do!

God has supplied me with a lot when it comes to my art. First he has supplied me with the opportunity to live with my sisters. That has allowed me to meet someone who has coached me with my art and turn it into something more than a hobby. Now it brings a colorful message of glory to God for many people. This did not happen by accident. I believe that God has given me art and people who love art to open my heart. I give my art to the world as a gift that has passed thru me. God gave me art to help others see the beauty of his creation.  

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