Matt Ward

Matt Ward Enterprises

I have a degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison. I am autistic. I am very intelligent but my thoughts get scrambled and talking to people makes me nervous.

About origami: I create Origami because it is beautiful and the repetitive motion of paper folding has a calming effect for me. I like the geometric models best because of their mathematical and visual components. I taught myself origami when I was 9.  I graduated from cranes to more difficult figures and can now make the most complex and difficult designs. A few of my Origami designs I created myself, but I mostly use designs by others. I like the large geometric models best because of their mathematical and visual components and the need to plan color schemes.

About Fractal Graphics: Fractals graphics involve the computerized generation of pictures based on mathematical chaos theory.  I have software on my computer that is designed to manipulate and/or solve mathematical equations and then translate the results into computer graphics.  These graphics are "chaotic" in the mathematical sense in both form and color. I sometimes make up complex equations of my own and plug the results into the software.  I have been fascinated by fractal graphics ever since I first saw the “Mandelbrot Set” in a magazine when I was a teenager.

About My artwork: I am fascinated by mythical beings; some of which I made up myself.  I have made up an imaginary world where people, animals, Burmecians, Cynopians, and many other beings (both real and mythical) live together.  Much of my artwork is based on characters in my imaginary world.

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